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The mission of the Association for Children and Young People SZANSA is to prevent all types of violence against children and young people and to help abused children and their families. In our work we are guided by the principle of respect for human dignity, rights and freedoms and we engage with the whole community to protect children and young people from violence more effectively.

Child Advocacy Centre 

The Child Advocacy Centre (CPD) is a safe place for children who have suffered violence, sexual abuse, for those in acute crisis, exhibiting suicidal behaviour, for children involved in legal procedures. It is also a place for their families who need support. Here you can get psychological help, therapy, support from a paediatric doctor, child psychiatrist, and legal assistance. All under one roof!  

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Since 2019...

More than 2000 people have benefited from our assistance

psychological consultations

psychiatric consultations

interviews with children

Child welfare

The "welfare of the child" is the overriding value and plays a primary role in all activities undertaken by the Child Advocacy centre in Głogów for the benefit of the child and non-offending family members/carers/persons.
It is a horizontal standard, correlated with every activity undertaken in CPD.
The best interests of the child/the child's welfare shall be taken into account in all actions taken for the benefit of the child.

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Youth Meeting Place

The MMS is a place for young people to develop their interests and spend time in a friendly atmosphere and to carry out social projects for and with young people. The main principle of the MMS is that work FOR children and young people cannot take place WITHOUT their participation in decision-making and in the implementation of activities. Any young person can come to the MMS and join the activities proposed by others or propose their own. Every idea is taken seriously and discussed together with the young people. You can also hang out after school, do your homework, or watch a movie. The possibilities are only limited by the ideas of the young people.


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NOTE: Meeting moved to 11 January 2022 // On 9 December at 15:00, Association for Children and Young People CHNACE is organising a webinar on "COVID-19 and inclusive youth organisations". During the webinar we will try to answer the following questions: How[...]

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On 30 November at 10:00 Association for Children and Young People CHANCE is organising a meeting launching the project "Are young people all right?", implemented thanks to a grant from the Active Citizens Programme [...]

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Conference - Registration opens

On 8 December 2021 the Association for Children and Young People CHANCE organises the conference "Systemic help for the abused child: needs and perspectives". The aim of the conference is to raise awareness of the mechanisms for helping abused children and the possibility [...]

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Association for Children and Young People CHANCE


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Association for Children and Young People CHANCE
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