Młodzieżowe Miejsce Spotkań (MMS)

Youth Meeting Place (MMS) 

The MMS is a place for young people to develop their interests and spend time in a friendly atmosphere and to carry out social projects for and with young people.
A central principle of the MMS is that work FOR children and young people cannot take place WITHOUT their participation in decision-making and implementation of activities.

We never wanted SZANSA to be just another counselling centre or day centre. Our idea is to create a place that will be a space for young people, where they will be able to pursue their passions, develop their talents and skills, work on changing their behaviour, but also get involved in helping others, do something useful for their local environment. One of the directions of work with children and youth is to encourage them to be active, to show their own initiative. There are many examples of such youth initiatives, and SZANSA's youth workers also participate in their implementation.
How we operate

Any young person can come to the MMS and join the activities proposed by others or propose their own. Every idea is taken seriously and discussed together with the young people. You can also hang out after school, do your homework, or watch a movie. The possibilities are only limited by the ideas of the young people.
At the MMS, you can also learn new skills, such as cooking, or take part in educational activities, such as human rights education or a first aid course.
Young people coming to MMS also actively participate in projects carried out by the Association.

Group of volunteers

What would a non-governmental organisation be without volunteers, a group of enthusiasts who help us in our daily activities? We probably wouldn't be able to achieve much, or at least much less than we have managed to do so far.
Many of these people are with us every day, others join in with specific activities, but they always do so with commitment and "heart".
Practically every activity is carried out with the help of volunteers. Sometimes they even come to the Association and ask if there is something to do. They are mainly young people, but it happens that people of different ages come. Our senior citizens are the most active group here.

Sometimes, to have a chance, you just have to get it from someone. Not everyone is so lucky. This makes the initiative of a group of enthusiasts who spontaneously decided to create a local aid system in their town, Głogów, all the more valuable. Such were the beginnings of the Association for Children and Young People CHANCE several years ago. Enthusiasm, determination and a great imperative: "Let's do something!" It is with great joy that I look at CHANCE today, when the whole team, supported by specialists, open to new ideas and sensitive to new problems, prepares further ideas to support children and young people. Many initiatives are born here, from ad hoc, local actions to international ones. I am glad that children and young people from Głogów have their own CHANCE - here they can find safe refuge and care, develop their activities, learn, believe in themselves and that the world has many offers for them, too. The first children under the care of the association are now adults. As Children's Ombudsman, I would like to thank you for every young person who has received help and support, and also for the fact that among the many groups working at CHANCE, there is also the voluntary sector, weaving itself into an ever more powerful chain of help and empathy. The activities of CHANCE are a wise, deep concern for children's rights. It is worth remembering this especially today, on the 25th anniversary of the Convention on the Rights of the Child.
Marek Michalak - Ombudsman for Children

This action is co-financed by the Głogów Municipality

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