Stowarzyszenie dla Dzieci i Młodzieży SZANSA
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Association for Children and Young People CHANCE

About us

Association for Children and Young People CHANCE

Our Association is a non-profit NGO working mainly on local level, though some activities are implemented on regional, national and international levels. The main aim of the Association is to prevent and act against violence affecting children and young people. 

The things we do

Association for Children and Young People CHANCE has been involved in the community work in the town of Głogów for 19 years. We provide support (early interventions, consultations, legal help, psychological and educational support), we run educational activities, training courses for professionals, and awareness raising activities on children rights and protection of the child from violence. In our work we co-operate with all local institutions and NGOs that have the similar aims and run similar activities as ours. Association for Children ad Young People operates on daily basis and runs various projects and activities in three different areas, which are interconnected. 

Child Support Centre

Child Support Centre is a safe space where abused children and their families and caregivers are provided with complex support and help, including diagnosis and intervention. It provides the following services: medical and psychiatric support, therapy, psychological support, social work help, legal help, and learning support. The child is also be able to take part in legal procedures in a child-friendly hearing room. Within the centre, different educational activities are run for children, young people, parents and professionals to develop their competences related with preventing and acting against child abuse and other forms of violence. The Centre was open in September 2018.

Youth Meeting Point

Youth Meeting Point is a space for young people where they can spend their free time, organise and take part in the activities, develop new competences or get support if they need it. The group of our volunteers work here and develop social projects with and for young people based on active involvement and participation addressing the needs of young people in the local community. The space is open to all young people. Here, young people can do whatever they thinkis important for them; the only limit is their safety. International projects for and with young people are run here, such as youth echanges, volunteering projects and training courses. 

STAR Project

STAR project is a three-year project that aims at acting against invisible racism and other forms of intolerance and discrimination affecting young people. It is run in co-operation with Association Cazalla Intercultural from Spain, PEN – Pro-European Network from Bulgaria and REDU from Italy. The project activities include national and international educational activities for young people and professionals working with young people. The project is financed by the European Union within Erasmus+ programme. 

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