Perseusza 13, 67-200 Głogów
( 48) 888 586 246, ( 48) 888 381 047

Who will you meet in our Centre?

Przywracamy dzieciństwo

Our team members are highly trained professionals who approach each case with respect, care and understanding.
Each child we work with receives personalised attention to meet their unique needs.
In our work we apply the principle of active participation of the child.
The participation of the child includes the possibility for the child to express his/her viewpoints and opinions and thus to influence decisions that may affect the course of the work related to the child

In our Centre you will meet:
- psychologists
- psychotherapists
- child psychiatrist
- lawyers
- social worker
- paediatrician
- Teachers, counsellors who conduct classes to compensate for school shortcomings
- sociotherapist who runs movement therapy classes for children


We make sure that children who are involved in legal procedures feel comfortable and safe with us.

There is a Friendly Interview Room in our Centre, which is used by the District Court in Głogów and also by the District Court in Wschowa.
This ensures that no child who needs to be interviewed in a legal proceeding goes to the Court building. It is the court that come to our Centre to interview the child in a comfortable and friendly environment.

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