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Who we help and how?

Przywracamy dzieciństwo

We work with children who have experienced physical abuse, emotional abuse, neglect, sexual abuse.

We help children with suicidal thoughts or behaviour. Children come to us in a bereavement situation, after the loss of someone close.

We work with under 18s and their supportive parents and/or carers. Every child needs an adult to get out of their difficult situation.

How do we help?

First we identify what help the child needs and how we can help their parents and/or carers.
First contact persons conduct an interview, fill in registration forms, make an initial appointment with a psychologist. The best interests of the child and the impact of decisions/actions on those interests are always considered before decisions are made and actions taken concerning the child

During the interview, the psychologist assesses the need for intervention and necessary support

The situation reported to the CPD is discussed at a meeting of the interdisciplinary planning team. It consists of psychologists, a lawyer, a child psychiatrist, a social worker, a group therapist, and the CPD director. At the team meeting, a path of assistance is established

The child's situation is systematically monitored during subsequent team meetings

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