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Przywracamy dzieciństwo

Management Board of the Association

According to the Statute of the Association for Children and Young People CHANCE, the Board manages the whole activity of the Association, in accordance with the resolutions of the General Assembly of Members, represents it outside and is responsible to the General Assembly of Members. The Board consists of the following persons:

Anna Lechowska

President of the Board

Alina Ostrowska-Jarzyna

Vice-President of the Association

Dariusz Grzemny

Vice-President of the Association

Employees and associates

CHANCE brings together professionals from many fields. The Association employs psychologists, pedagogues, lawyers, doctors, social workers. Thanks to this, assistance to people in need is provided in a comprehensive and multidisciplinary manner. An important aspect of the Association's work is its activity for and with young people, which, among other things, through peer education is able to reach young people in a way that is understandable, accessible and attractive to them, and to become a model of positive influence on changing attitudes and peer behaviour.

Katarzyna Anuszkiewicz

Child psychiatrist

Jędrzej Bajer

IT support, Data Protection Officer

Anna Błaszczyk

Youth worker

Dominika Błaszczyk

Education Specialist

Hubert Fornalik


Patrycja Górska

First contact specialist

Katarzyna Hanke


Paulina Kowalczyk-Burek


Magdalena Kruszewska


Natalia Kucharczyk

Child psychiatrist

Leszek Lechowski


Elżbieta Leszczyńska


Aneta Mazurkiewicz

Social worker

Katarzyna Musielak-Głazowska


Magdalena Naparło


Oliwia Nogacka

First contact specialist

Joanna Pawłowska


Agata Pona


Martyna Rybka

Dyrektorka Centrum Pomocy Dzieciom

Kornela Strong-Dynak

Specjalistka ds. administracyjnych

Krystyna Szmagaj-Graniasta

Obsługa księgowa

Bożena Uznańska


Wanda Woźniak


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