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This website won't help, but you can!

The BUT YOU CAN campaign!

Campaign Campaign is aimed at young people who often do not know what to do when they see someone close to them (at school, in the classroom or elsewhere) being sad, not coping, self-harming or saying they want to kill themselves.
This website won't help, but you can!

You don't have to say much, don't ask for details. Listen to what they have to say to you and show support.

You can say:

If you want to talk, I'm happy to listen.
I may not know exactly what you are going through, but I am here for you.
How can I help you?

Do not say:

There are many others who are doing worse.
Keep your head up! Everything will be fine!
Sport / event / diet will definitely help you. It has helped me!
Think positive! Then everything will fall into place!

Offer to see a professional!

If you want to learn more about violence, discrimination, sexual abuse, use our educational portal.

You will find video, audio and some texts to help you help better

Link (in Polsih)

You can talk, but sometimes specialised help, such as seeing a psychologist or psychiatrist, will be needed to ensure the person's safety and professional support.

They can be found at the Child Advocacy Centre run by SZANSA in Głogów.

The Child Advocacy Centre (CPD) is a safe place for young people who have suffered abuse, experienced sexual abuse, are in acute crisis or are exhibiting suicidal behaviour.

Tell others that there is such a place in Głogów and help them get in touch with us

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