Perseusza 13, 67-200 Głogów
( 48) 888 586 246, ( 48) 888 381 047

Stałe zlecenie

Przywracamy dzieciństwo

A standing order is the best form of support for our Association. With your regular contributions we can plan our activities even better.
How to do it?


Log in to your bank

Log in to your online bank and find the standing order option. 


Enter our details

Stowarzyszenie dla Dzieci i Młodzieży SZANSA, ul. Perseusza 13, 67-200 Głogów
IBAN: PL14 1600 1462 0008 0303 3206 3001


Let us know about it

Please let us know that you have set up a standing order for our Association:

Remember that funds donated to a public benefit organisation (for its statutory activity) are deductible from income. You can therefore deduct them in your annual tax return and reduce the tax you pay.

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